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How to Journal for Self Improvement

Journaling can be a massive help in many areas of life. It can help you identify patterns, organize yourself, and plenty more. When it comes to self-awareness and personal health there are few tools that are as versatile as using a journal. There are MANY different types of journals, and just as many reasons why you should try it out, or strengthen your current journal practice. I suggest starting a journal to many of my clients, to track their own progress towards any goals they may have.

Let's start out by crushing the common misconception that a journal is ONLY a place where you write down your feelings or the happenings of the day. You certainly can, but a journal can be so much more than just that. I will show you how by jumping into some examples of the benefits of keeping a journal:

Benefits of Journaling

Get yourself organized

Plan for the future

Set your intentions

Prioritize your time

Increase your efficiency

Track progress

Build good habits

Track bad habits

Recognize patterns of inner dialogue

Vent your concerns and lighten your mental load

This only scratches the surface. Some of the most successful people in the world have used journals as a way of tracking progress and writing down their experiences. Click here to take a look at the journals of people such as Bruce Lee and Albert Einstein.

How to start a journal

Now to the execution! As far as how you want your journal to look or the purpose of it, the sky is the limit. Common suggestions are to keep it simple at first while you are building the habit. A major buzz-word that is trending these days is "bullet journal". This is a journaling method created by a digital product designer named Ryder Carroll. You can check out his website here.

Think of this method as similar to a yearly planner, but completely customizable. Starting with an index and a key, a bullet journal usually has numbered pages and symbols that help you find pieces of information when you need it. You can intersperse your daily to-do lists, or project notes with a brain-dump on the next page and while every single page may be different, it comes with a system to organize and categorize so that you can locate any page, week, thought or list in a matter of seconds. Powerful!

You can make it simple and utilitarian, or you can throw some artsy flair in there. Make it yours, and make it something that is pleasing for you to approach every day.


Here are two basic tutorials on how to make your own bullet journal:

Minimalist Journal

Journal with some flair

Happy Journaling out there! If you start one, please comment and let me know how it went. Maybe drop a picture and show us what you have done.

Before I go, here is a picture of all of the journals I have kept through the years. They have

helped me immensely and looking back through the old ones can be very interesting as well

Cheers and stay well out there,


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