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Can a Life Coach help a teenager?

Can a life coach help a teenager?

In short, 100% yes.

Oftentimes, people believe that life coaches work mostly with executives and adults looking to maximize their potential in the workplace, and in life.

However, a life coach is typically someone who can help with life transitions and priority shifts from small, to large, to positively earth-shattering. There are few transitional periods in one’s life that are more intense than your teenage years.

If you are no longer in your teenage to mid-twenties, take your hands off the mouse for a hot second and close your eyes. Flip through your memories of those years. You will likely recall a period of personal development and knee-buckling emotional shifts that could crumble even the most sturdy of mental defenses.

Time Magazine released an article in 2017 that explains that part of the reason for teenage turmoil is due to how the brain is forming at this age. The mind is incredibly “plastic” during these years and teenagers are learning where they fit in this crazy world. They are developing morals, social skills, and deciding what kind of person they want to be, and what kind of lifestyle they want. This process will continue until they reach about 25 (give or take) when the brain begins to become less plastic, and habits (both good and bad) have set in. Beyond this point, change still occurs in the brain but typically at a slower pace. Check out this article from the New York Times for a few helpful charts and visuals.

During this time in life, a coach can help teenagers solidify their goals and organize their priorities. They can discover together what kind of life they want to craft for themselves, and inspire them to pursue those goals with passion. The very same skills that a coach helps coachees with, are in line with the skills that many teenagers are in the process of developing:

  • Self-confidence / Self-esteem

  • Social skills

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Organization

  • Critical thinking

  • Values

  • Morals

  • Planning, and goal setting

  • Good habit-forming

Learning these skills early on can push a teen beyond the typical learning curve and make the transition into being an adult a lot easier. Just as with anyone who signs up for coaching they need to WANT to be coached. They need to WANT to improve their well-being in some way. If you have a child or teenager who is struggling, or might benefit from an additional mentor and positive influence in their life, coaching can be an amazing solution. It’s not about holding their hand the whole way, it’s more about teaching them skills so they can tackle life on their own.

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A life coach can be a powerful ally and finding the right one for you can change your direction and drive. If you have ever considered for even a moment if you are hitting your true potential, or if you could be squeezing more out of life, it may be worth a conversation.

Most coaches will offer free consultations, which is the single best way to find one that jives with your personality and goals.

I am a life coach in the Boulder/Denver area, and offer phone/zoom coaching sessions. I also offer free consultations, so if you want to learn more, click HERE to get in touch.

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